Sharleen Spiteri

Tea is Sharleen’s fave rave.  She drinks it all day and every day, and she drinks it in style. A silver and gilt fringed teapot with a satisfyingly chunky handle, its body studded with diamonds, makes her tea party in her back garden with Marvin Gaye a slick and sparkling occasion.

Silver is one of the world’s most precious elements but for Sharleen, Scotland’s red sandstone is the most inspirational natural element.  This is clearly linked to her admiration for what she considers to be Scotland’s finest work of art: Glasgow School of Art.  The building. designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1896, uses sandstone as one of its chief materials.

Sharleen and Marvin are talking and laughing, and the dynamism of the moment is reflected in the constantly moving play of light from the warm gold, the smooth silver and the sparkle of the diamonds.  Each teacup holds only a few sips – this is a fabulous teapot that calls out to be used and moved as often as possible – so the cups are constantly being refilled. Marvin cracks one of his showstopping smiles as he knocks back his n’th cuppa, “Bottoms up, Sharleen”.