Lulu OBE

Lulu is taking tea with the witty and amusing Catherine Tate. Lulu is crazy about Catherine and every one of her characters, and is sure that she would amuse and delight her for the whole afternoon of tea and sandwiches.

Lulu chose tea as her favourite drink as she thinks of it as a very Scottish thing. It takes her back to her childhood when she would often be making a pot of tea. The first pot of tea would be made at breakfast for her mother, accompanied by toast, butter and jam. The tea was always made in a teapot and served in teacups, none of this mug business. In the afternoon they would sometimes have sandwiches and always chocolate biscuits. At least once a week, Lulu’s mother would treat them to cream cakes.

Today, Lulu doesn’t drink tea so often, and when she does it’s more than likely to be herbal. There is nothing, however, that is more civilised than tea in the afternoon, whether it be with friends at home, at The Dorchester, The Ritz, or Claridges. “As you can see”, she tells Catherine now, “I’ve become rather la de da“.

Lulu fell in love with India and her most memorable drink is drinking chai there. The Japanese tea ceremony has always enchanted Lulu. The movement needed to pour from the handle-less gold and silver teapot that Lulu and Catherine now use evokes this custom. The teapot has been innovatively conceived and crafted by one of Scotland’s leading artist-silversmiths. Lulu considers another major creative force in Scotland today to be J.K. Rowling, who has caught the imagination of the whole world by creating the Harry Potter stories.