Sarah Hutchison

Read on to find out more about Sarah’s work, view her gallery and videos of an interview and demonstration of her craft.

Sarah’s work encompasses both silversmithing and jewellery. She is passionate about saw – piercing: her work derives from this passion. Her designs come from working directly with the metal, exploring and experimenting with it to see what develops. Sarah loves large areas of silver with details of gold, she also likes to incorporate semi precious stones and pearls within her pieces in innovative ways too. The final pieces are floral, delicate and feminine in appearance, with a real feeling of spontaneity. Sarah has a gallery in Edinburgh, SH Jewellery, which shows her own work and that of other contemporary designer-makers.

Sarah’s individual “fringing” technique was developed initially in her jewellery and also in small bowl forms. Being invited to make a teapot for Sharleen gave her the opportunity to make a larger piece. Sarah researched the construction of a non-drip spout – famously one of the great silversmithing challenges. She also developed new techniques to create this innovative diamond studded showstopper of a teapot.

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Materials: sterling silver, silver gilt, diamonds
Teapot Height: 24 cms
Teapot Weight: 1.629 kgs



Interview with Sarah Hutchison