Marion Kane

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Marion Kane is an award winning Scottish silversmith based in West Kilbride, Ayrshire. She has been creating silver art works and utensils for over a decade. Marion prides herself in making pieces that can be used in everyday life drawing ideas from textures and patterns seen in everyday life: the winter branches of coastal trees, ever changing markings in the sand, fabrics and industrial structures.

Marion departed from her usual feminine style of silversmithing, with its natural, flowing lines, to create this chunky and quintessentially masculine coffee set for Ewan McGregor. She raised the main body and lid of each piece, used fabrication and riveting for the handles, and she turned the acrylic stoppers. Marion sourced reclaimed motorbike handles for the handles of the jug and mug. On the jug she laser engraved the names of the countries that Ewan and Charley Boorman visited on their “Long Way Round” motorbike trip. The registration plates of their bikes are inscribed on the mug.

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Materials: fine silver, gold, rubber, acrylic
Coffee Pot Height: 35 cms
Coffee Pot Weight: 2.107 kgs




Interview with Marion Kane