Cup of tea with a friend

Look at stories from the celebrities and think about your own response to this: Who would you have a cup of tea with, where would you be, what would you drink, what would you chat about? In pairs share your ideas.

Write an invite to the ‘friend’ to the meeting. Consider the style of the writing, the colour and decoration on the invite, the font and layout to suit the person and the place selected.

Draw the imaginary meeting or the setting.

Use app: Book Creator to write about the scenarioMake a model of the place and the tea set with other sensory input optional e.g. how would it smell (pot pourri, lavender bag, aftershave?), what would you hear (recording of music, waves, wind, people chatting?), what would the surfaces feel (pebbles, sand, soft fabrics, fine linen, cushions…?)

Design and make the clothes / make up / hair style / accessories for the event.

Design and make own tea set for the scenarioCreate a completely different object designed to express the essence of the person you select; a vehicle, trainers, a hat, a bedroom…?

Focus on the human interaction and make own response this simple pleasure of meeting someone and enjoying their company over a drink…a role play, a dialogue, a poem or a rap.